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April 16, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Cosmetics

You can find Static Nails products on our website at: Static Nails

static nailsStatic Nails was the first to develop a reusable and paintable manicure. What does that mean for you? Static Nails delivers the most innovative and unique nail products. Never before was luxury nail art this accessible while remaining completely one-of-a-kind. How is it possible? We take being the first and original reusable and paintable pop-on manicure very serious – we want women everywhere to be able to access high-end nail fashions at a reasonable price. Static Nails are reusable, so think of them as an accessory – nail jewelry if you will. Shapable for a custom fit and paintable to make each set perfectly you.

Here at Static Nails, we know how important the perfect manicure is. Whether it’s a girls’ spa day, night out on the town, a hot date you’re prepping for, or if you’re simply committed to being best dressed, the right nails can make all the difference. We just get it. But who has the time to drive across town for a nail appointment, damage their nails with all the harmful chemicals found in gels and acrylics, and spend all that cash for a manicure that does not last? Not us, and we bet not you either.

That’s why Static Nails gives you everything you need for an effortless yet flawless, reusable, paintable and shapable pop-on manicure. And the best part? They look totally natural! We promise everyone will be asking where you got your nails done. Red carpet nail art for a fraction of the time and money spent at salons that you can reuse, paint and shape, because a girl’s gotta have options, right? Manicures never looked so good!

Static Nails loves our furry friends so we never test on animals, and we’re always conscience of removing harmful ingredients. We guess you could say we’re hands down catering to our nail lovers’ highest standards.

Beauty lovers should never have to settle for mediocre mass-produced beauty products. Yawn. We refuse to follow the trends, because we’re too busy setting them. Each innovative Static Nails collection is released as a limited edition, so our customers’ manicures are as close to one-of-a-kind as it gets. Edgy rockers to classic beauties, EVERYONE can now enjoy a flawless, runway manicure in seconds. Our customers get what they deserve: products that work 100% of the time, tested and proven.
What makes us different?
We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials and most luxurious finishes. Static Nails lives at the forefront and the cutting edge of the beauty industry, and we happen to like it here. With styles ranging from sexy 3D elements including leather & spikes, to re-imagined classic touches like reversed French manicures, we customize our nail sets to every individuals’ personality providing first-class nail art at a fraction of the salon cost. Always ahead of the trends, Static Nails are reusable, paintable, and shapeable ™.

You can find Static Nails products on our website at: Static Nails